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 Student Involvement

Cal Poly strives to educate its students in practical applications of their learning. Students of all majors and experience levels are welcome to participate in this opportunity to work in an industry-like setting. They work in every aspect of the Bull Test including administrative activities, herd health, computer data analysis, ration formulation, and advertising. When students join the Bull Test Enterprise they participate in one of the four committees:

1. Nutrition Committee – the members of the nutrition committee are responsible for feeding the bulls twice a day. At every feeding, they analyze bunk scores in order to adjust feed intake accordingly.

2. Event Planning Committee- the members of this committee are in charge of organizing our two main events, the Field Day and the Bull Sale. They are responsible for setting up the facility, recruiting guest speakers, and making food arrangements.

3. Media/Catalog Committee- in this committee, students are in charge of designing a Catalog for the Bull Sale. The Catalog is a great tool for buyers because it provides qualitative and quantitative information about each individual bull. It includes a photograph of the animal, EPDs, and pedigree information.

4. Marketing Committee- students in the marketing committee are responsible for advertising the Bull Test to potential buyers. Additionally, they find sponsors to support our Field Day and Bull Sale events.

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