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Bull Test Enterprise Members

The Bull Test is run by an enterprise-class of Cal Poly students, this year we have a team of 50 students eager for this year's Bull Test. Students from a variety of majors including Animal Science, Agricultural Communication, Agribusiness, Agricultural Engineering, and Agricultural Systems Management are involved with everything from processing bulls when they arrive, to the sale day operations. Bull Test Committees include Bull Prep, Research, Nutrition/Health, Sponsorship, Merchandise, Marketing, Social Media, and Event Planning, and allow smaller groups of students to focus on specific aspects of the Bull Test. 

General Managers

Jason Dubowsky  Animal Science
Robee Knoch (Assistant)

Animal Science


Stella Boller  Ag Business
Olivia Jarrett  Ag Communication

Bull Prep Committee

Mahlon Owens (Manager)

Joe Nino

Elyse Evers Jessica Friley
Elle Palmer Desi Lammer
Benjamin Shinkwin  

Research Committee

Jordan Williams (Manager) Tyree Quinn
Vanessa Cervantes  Amanda Kaup
Ashley Waymire Marissa Zasueta

Nutrition/Health Committee

Melecio Gonzalez (Manager) Ashley Crabtree
Caden Hanson Andrew Prater
Audrey Hill Itzel Vega 
Samuel Evans Averie Konefat
Grace Chandless Joshua Simas
Joshua Vargas Jack Thomson

Social Media Committee 

Collette Smith (Manager) Kaitlyn Glakeler
Marina Levine  

Marketing Committee

Kayla Dubowsky (Manager)

Ashley Lewis (Assistant Manager)

Hannah O'Connor Kelly Cole

Event Planning Committee

Emily Ehrke (Manager) Jack Cameron (Assistant Manager)
Grace Peek Sujhey Rosas
Daniel Bartel Jasmine Torres
Raven Loffland Katelyn Silva
Leah Thomas Anna Bibby

Sponsorship & Merchandise Committee

Kayla Minetti (Sponsorship Manager) Olivia Hanna (Merchandise Manager)
Jack Cameron (Assistant Sponsorship Manager)  


Aaron Lazanoff Beef Operations Manager
Dr. Zach McFarlane Beef Cattle Specialist

Teachers Assistant 

Claire Stevenson

Animal Science

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