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2024 Important Forms

2024 Consignor Handbook

2024 Consignor agreement

2024 Bull Information & application

2024 Important Dates 

Date Event
April 26th & 27th Bull Delivery
May 18th & 19th Starting Weights Collected
June 17th

Weigh Day

July 16th Weigh Day
August 16th & 17th Final Weights Collected
Early September Semen Testing & Carcass Ultrasound
October 5th Young Cattlemen's Association Benefit Dinner
October 6th Bull Preview & Sale

See how your bulls compare...

Do your bulls meet these qualifications?

  • Bulls must have been born between July 1-October 31, 2022.
  • All bulls must weigh 550 lbs. at the start of the test.
  • Bulls must be registered prior to arrival
  • Bulls must be weaned and preconditioned three weeks prior to shipment
  • Bulls must be free of structural defects or abnormalities (all bulls prior to the sale will be subject to disqualification if they are prone to unsoundness, i.e. feet, legs)
  • No evidence of ringworm, pinkeye, lice, etc.
  • Good Disposition
  • All Angus, Red Angus, or Composite bulls that are potential carriers of AM, NH, CA, DD, M1, or any ancestral genetic defect must be tested prior to sale. No carrier animals will be eligible to sell.
  • Up to date on clostridium and respiratory vaccinations.
    • Recommended: four weeks prior to delivery with a seven-way clostridium and respiratory vaccination of IBR,PI3, BVD, Pasturella and BRSV (modified-live, given twice before arrival with the second shot given 20 days prior to delivery)
  • All Angus bulls must have genomic-enhanced EPDs to sell.

Cal Poly reserves the right to sift any bull not meeting the above requirements.

There is NO MAXIMUM on the number of bulls that you may consign in the Cal Poly Bull Test. However, due to space limitation, we do reserve the right to limit the number of bulls per consignor if needed. Space will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only the first 150 bulls which are enrolled and have initiation fees paid will be accepted. Again, we encourage you only to send us your BEST BULLS.

To qualify for the sale, a bull must...

  • Have a Cal Poly Test Index (based on 50% Feed Conversion Ratio and 50% ADG Ratio on Test) of:
    • CPTI = 100+ ...OR
    • CPTI = 97+ and ADJ YW 1150 lb ...OR
    • CPTI = 92+ and top 30% of respective breed for CED EPD (determined by respective breed association current data for Spring 2023), and ADJ YW 1150 lb.
  • Have a scrotal circumference of 32 cm or better when adjusted to 365 days of age
  • Have no reproductive or soundness problems
  • Structurally sound

All bulls qualifying for the sale will have the following information available to the buyers:

  • Breeding soundness evaluation
  • Frame Score
  • Scrotal Circumference
  • EPDs (birthweight, weaning weight, yearling weight, milk, scrotal, and carcass) of individual, sire and dam.
  • Conformation scores
  • Ultrasound measurements for fat thickness, ribeye area, and marbling.

What did the 2023 test cost consignors?

The average overall cost for bulls on test (per head basis)

Item Approximate Cost (per Head)
Entry Fee $150.00
Yardage Fee $0.50/day
Feed Cost $1,550.00 (approx.)
Health/Maintenance $150.00
Semen Testing $50.00
Private Treaty Sales $50.00
Ultrasound Test $40.00
Sale Cost Pro-rated on percent gross sale/head (approx. 10% for sale bulls)

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