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Aaron Lazanoff
Beef Operations Manager
Animal Science Department
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
(805) 756-2685
(Bull Test Office)

Take advantage of our special "Light Birthweight" Division

Because the demand for “light birthweight” bulls from commercial buyers, bulls are eligible to make the sale with a test index of 100 or greater if they meet the following requirements. These requirements were based on a maximum birth EPD for a bull to be in the top 30% of his breed. Composite bull criteria will be based on their registered breed and EPDs. Bulls must meet the following requirements:

Breed Max BEPD Max Adj. Birth Wt
Angus (See Special Section Rules below)
Brangus +0.3 85
Lim Flex +0.1 85
Hereford/Polled Hereford +2.3


Hybrid Simmental -0.5 85
Red Angus -2.7 85

Purebred Simmental

+0.9 85

Special Section: Three Angus Divisions

In the 2016 Test, there will be three separate Angus Divisions: (1) Angus "Light Birth" Weight Division, (2) Angus "Multi-Trait" Division, and (3) Angus "Growth" Division. Divisions will be housed together, but will be compared and sold separately. For bulls to qualify for each division, they must meet the following criteria:

Light Birthweight Division
Adjusted Birthweight: 85lbs max
Birthweight EPD: +1.0 lbs max

Multi-Trait Division
Birth Weight EPD: +2.7 lbs., Maximum
Weaning Weight EPD: +50 lbs., Minimum
$B EPD: +106 lbs., Minimum

Growth Division
All Angus bulls not qualifying for one of the above divisions

Cal Poly reserves the right to adjust divisions after entries received so marketability can be improved for the best interest of the sale. Bulls will be divided into the "Light Birth Weight" or "Multi-Trait" division by Cal Poly once verified by breed association current EPDs.


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