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Cal Poly Bull Sale

Date: October 4th, 2015

How are bulls assessed?

Bulls are assessed based on average daily gain (ADG) and adjusted yearling weight. Bulls are categorized based on their breed and are compared accordingly. In 2014, breeds competing in the Cal Poly Bull Test included Angus, Simmental-Angus, Lim-Flex, Red Angus, and Hereford.

Cal Poly Performance Advantage

  • Ration designed to optimize performance of bulls
  • Range Ready Health Warranted Breeding Stock Program by Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Performance Data Collected – including ADG and yearling weight
  • Frame Score Calculation
  • Full Breeding Soundness Evaluation
  • Ultrasound Scan Data Collected
  • Managed and Monitored Daily by Cal Poly Performance Bull Test Team

Angus Sale Divisions

In the 2015 sale, there will be three separate Angus divisions. These include: Angus “Light Birth Weight” Division, Angus “Multi-Trait” Division, and Angus “Growth” Division. To qualify for each division, they must meet the following criteria:

  • “Light Birth Weight” Division:
    • Adjusted Birth Weight: 85 lbs., Maximum
    • Birth Weight EPD: +1.5, Maximum
  • “Multi-Trait” Division:
    • Birth Weight EPD: +2.6, Maximum
    • Weaning Weight EPD: +50, Minimum
    • $B EPD: +84, Minimum
  • “Growth” Division:
    • All bulls not qualifying for one of the above divisions

2014 Sale Statistics

80 bulls out of a total of 130 bulls were sold at an average of $4,616.00

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